Our Bites



Our bites

Our bites are large! And while on our tour, you’ll sample a wide variety of authentic Pike Place Market favorites, handcrafted specialties, and unique creations simply unavailable anywhere else. Bring your appetite because you’ll have the chance to taste it all including seasonal fruits, vegetables, and recipes as well as many of the offerings The Market is best known for including:

  • Fresh gourmet sausages handcrafted by a German master butcher. Sehr Gut!
  • Paris-inspired fruit and Nutella crepes. It’s a family affair!
  • “America’s Best Clam Chowder” – just ask New England’s Chowder Hall of Fame!
  • Authentic Mexican street tacos that were created from the Chef’s home town of Mexico City
  • Decadent Alaskan King Salmon, fresh and house-smoked for 12 hours by “The Cod Father”.
  • The BEST all natural, local Greek yogurt you’ll ever taste! ‘Nuff said!
  • Genuine wood smoked BBQ – so messy it’s eaten with a spork! Napkins please!
  • Mom-inspired Chicken Tikka Masala from a classically French trained South Indian chef.
  • Local, seasonal fruits from our boys on “The Corner”.
  • Refreshing Lassi made with fresh Market berries and a hint of exotic spices.